AD200 In-line Amplifier

General purpose gain blocks in rugged packages

Figure 1. AD200-8 in line amplifier with N type connectors (TNC optional). The casing is 55 mm long and 41 mm in diameter

Mechanical Specification

The components are enclosed within a hard-anodised corrosion resistant aluminium case, figure 1. The assembly is permanently sealed to IP67 and cannot be dismantled. Connection is via Type N connectors with TNC as an option.

Electrical Specification

The AD200-8 has a dc path between its connectors to enable an active antenna to be phantom fed from the receiver and is the standard option. Alternatively, the AD200-9 has a dc blocking capacitor on the input (antenna) connector.

The amplifier’s gain is set on manufacture to between 8dB and 20dB with 18db, 12dB and 8dB over the frequency range 1 GHz to 2 GHz being standard options. The supply voltage is from 5V to 20Vdc with a 15mA maximum current, phantom fed via the output (receiver) connector. Operating temperature range is -45°C to +70°C .