AD450 Submersible Antenna


Side view of submersible antenna AD450



The AD450 is a robust and compact GPS antenna designed to withstand submersion to 3000m (6000m on request) without compromising its GPS performance when in use.

Electrical Specification

The antenna element is a dielectric patch with right hand circular polarisation (RHCP) giving an omni-directional radiation pattern in azimuth and good reception down to 5 degrees in elevation.

The element is connected to a built in GaAs FET amplifier with dual ceramic filters. Phantom powered via the coaxial output lead with a 5V to 20Vdc supply at typically 30mA, the amplifier has a factory preset gain within the range 30 dB to 48 dB and a total noise figure of typically 2.5 dB including filters. The antenna complies with EMC requirements.

Mechanical Specification

The antenna body is machined from a titanium block, and has a 110mm diameter hemispherical high-pressure glass radome.

Mass of the antenna is 2.5 kg. Operating temperature range is -30C to +70C. Storage temperature range is -40C to +100C.

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