AD200 In Line Amplifiers



The AD200 series of in line amplifiers are general purpose gain blocks in rugged packages. The most popular variants are the AD200/8/ and the AD200/9/: The former has a dc path from output to input for use with an active antenna, whilst the latter has a dc block to the input.



AD200 in line amplifier with N type connectors.

The casing is 55 mm long and 41 mm in diameter.


Electrical Specification

A single stage amplifier is fed via a constant current source, which is adjusted to set the required gain. The gain can be set on assembly to any value between 10dB and 30dB, with 10dB and 20dB being the most popular options. Frequency response is flat from below 1 GHz to 2 GHz. Supply voltage is from 5V to 20Vdc and current consumption is 15mA max. Connection is via Type N connectors. Operating temperature range is -30 C to +70 C.


Mechanical Specification

The amplifier is packaged in a cylindrical aluminium case, which is hard anodised for corrosion resistance. The assembly is glued together and sealed to IP67; it is not possible to dismantle the unit once assembled.


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